The Youth Thanks You!

The youth, their parents and leaders want to thank Redeemer for all their love, prayers and support during these past few years as we prepare for our journey to Detroit for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering, July 15-19. Without the support of all of you we would not be able to attend such an opportunity. Please continue your prayers for our safe return.

Much love and gratitude:
Kara Heater, Kimberly Woods, Chloe Mosher, Lauren Groover, Morgan Willard, Jake Drinnon, Doug Brassard, John Brassard, Jim Heater, Sylvia Wallis, and Jodi Groover

What is the ELCA Youth Gathering?
Each day, youth, volunteers and their adult leaders will gather to hear the day’s Scripture text articulated by engaging speakers and Christian musicians, as well as stimulating video and interpretive dance. During the middle of the day, congregational groups will participate in a three-day activity rotation that includes a day of service in the Detroit metropolitan area (Proclaim Justice Day), a day of exploratory learning with other groups from their synod (Proclaim Story Day), and a day of interactive learning in the Convention Center (Proclaim Community Day). Community Life activities takes place in various venues and include dance, game room, prayer station, and an activity called Final 15. The Final 15 is a 15-minute time period where everyone at the Gathering, regardless of where they are located, stops to pray and reflect on the Scripture of the day. The Gathering concludes with Eucharist on Sunday morning.

Why Detroit?
Detroit has much to teach us about being a part of what God is up to at this time in our history. There are many people in Detroit who know experiences of death, and there are many Lutherans, and brothers and sisters from partner communions who stand alongside the citizens of Detroit with the cross, proclaiming healing and wholeness in the midst of the death and despair. God is calling us to bear witness to their story, and to his creative and redeeming story of death and resurrection.