Council and Leadership

Redeemer's Congregational Council meets monthly to bring vision, decisions, and problem-solving to the congregation. Terms are for two years, and may be renewed once. For more information, see our Constitution and Bylaws on the About Us page.


Would you like to offer your insight? Here are ways to participate:

Marketing / LAMB Task Force

Our position at Redeemer is that all members are evangelists, so we formed a group called LAMB – Lutherans Are Mission Builders; we meet quarterly to discuss new ways to reach into the world with the message of Jesus Christ. The marketing component of the group discusses public advertising and other ways to “get the word out” that Jesus is our Savior.


Strategic Planning Task Force

We operate under a “rolling” three year plan that outlines our growth in Christ. All Commissions are required to present an annual plan that demonstrates their commitment to Christ by submitting plans and budgets. The Strategic Plan is adopted by the congregation every year.

Finance Commission

Opportunities abound for those with an interest in numbers. There is a Finance Committee, Endowment Fund & the Bill & Martha Gerken Scholarship Fund to manage. Sunday morning offering counters count as a team. Training provided.

Audit Task Force

A group of financially competent individuals review the income and expenditures of the congregation, then publish an annual report.

Mutual Ministry Committee

The ELCA requires that all pastors have a confidential group of parishioners to talk to about private church matters that may be affecting the spiritual health of the congregation or of the pastor.

Christian Education Commission

Christian education classes are provided for Pre-K through adult on Sunday mornings at 9:30. Teachers, substitutes, ideas or curriculum folks are among those needed. Vacation Bible School runs during the summer.

Vacation Bible School Task Force

We offer a unique venue for all kinds of summer spiritual opportunities for small children. Please consider giving a week or so of your summer months to the Christian development to not only our members but also to neighborhood children.

Congregational Life Commission

Members in this group spend their time performing “in-house” ministries for our membership. They prepare the facility for receptions, for seminars, and for any other membership group that desires to help members of the congregation. Perhaps the most important goal of this group is to help us retain that “small church family feel” as we grow.

Worship and Music Commission

You do not have to be musical to have a desire to participate in planning worship and worship related events. All you need is a passion to be involved in creating quality worship experiences.

Worship Service for Persons with Developmental Disabilities Task Force

This group is forming and monitoring the activities of this unique worship opportunity. Pastor Steve has almost 25 years experience in working with adults, children, and their families, and realizes that the Gospel must be preached and sung in a language persons with cognitive limitations need.

Social Ministry Commission

Local, regional, national, and international outreach is the goal of this important commission. We are presented with new ideas for ministries all the time, and the Social Ministry Commission weighs those requests against our current goals/objectives/budget.

Operations Commission

The grounds of our church are beautifully kept by the efforts of volunteers. Ways to serve include mowing, blowing the parking lot, weeding, picking up sticks, etc. Inside the church there are many ongoing maintenance needs. If you have a special skill or are a jack-of-all-trades, then let us know. Participation can be irregular. Any help any time is appreciated.


Columbarium Task Force

This group maintains the records and from time to time ensures the continuing beauty of this lovely place of interment.

Constitution / Bylaws Task Force

This group meets infrequently to ensure that our legal document is current with the greater church and that it meets our local needs.








Council officer elections and commission assignments occur at the Council Retreat on 18-Feb.

Jim Drinnon, President
John Salvati, Vice President and Finance
Mark Tellefsen, Secretary
Sandy Brassard, Learning Commission
Jason Darling, Operations
Audrey LaMar, Congregational Life
Nancy Oliver, Worship & Music
Don Goll, Social Ministry Commission


Jim Ward, Treasurer
Carol Fowler, Financial Secretary


Jodi Groover, Marketing
Susan Tellefsen, Newsletter
Jim Ward, Website & eNews

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