Care Team Update

Care Team will meet on Thursday, June 18th at 6:30 pm, but will not meet in July and will meet again on August 13th at 6:30 pm.

Should you wish to participate in making home visits or supporting the Care Team, do feel welcome to join us. Any questions, please contact Diaconal Minister Allison Ward.

Southeastern Synod Assembly

June 5-7 in Birmingham, AL

Heather Hegg and Justin “J” Janzen have been elected to serve as Redeemer’s lay representatives at the 2015 Synod Assembly. Please pray for them, along with Pastor and Allison Ward, our rostered leaders. They will be voting on important Synod issues. Jim Ward and Sarah Janzen will be attending as volunteers.

The Youth Thanks You!

The youth, their parents and leaders want to thank Redeemer for all their love, prayers and support during these past few years as we prepare for our journey to Detroit for the 2015 ELCA Youth Gathering, July 15-19. Without the support of all of you we would not be able to attend such an opportunity. Please continue your prayers for our safe return.

Much love and gratitude:
Kara Heater, Kimberly Woods, Chloe Mosher, Lauren Groover, Morgan Willard, Jake Drinnon, Doug Brassard, John Brassard, Jim Heater, Sylvia Wallis, and Jodi Groover

What is the ELCA Youth Gathering?
Each day, youth, volunteers and their adult leaders will gather to hear the day’s Scripture text articulated by engaging speakers and Christian musicians, as well as stimulating video and interpretive dance. During the middle of the day, congregational groups will participate in a three-day activity rotation that includes a day of service in the Detroit metropolitan area (Proclaim Justice Day), a day of exploratory learning with other groups from their synod (Proclaim Story Day), and a day of interactive learning in the Convention Center (Proclaim Community Day). Community Life activities takes place in various venues and include dance, game room, prayer station, and an activity called Final 15. The Final 15 is a 15-minute time period where everyone at the Gathering, regardless of where they are located, stops to pray and reflect on the Scripture of the day. The Gathering concludes with Eucharist on Sunday morning.

Why Detroit?
Detroit has much to teach us about being a part of what God is up to at this time in our history. There are many people in Detroit who know experiences of death, and there are many Lutherans, and brothers and sisters from partner communions who stand alongside the citizens of Detroit with the cross, proclaiming healing and wholeness in the midst of the death and despair. God is calling us to bear witness to their story, and to his creative and redeeming story of death and resurrection.


Sermon: Dad, Hear My Prayer – Jesus

Date: Sunday, May 17, 2015
Title: Dad, Hear My Prayer – Jesus
Scripture Reference: John 15: 9-11
Speaker: Rev. Steve Hilgeman



Sermon: Abide


Date: Sunday, May 10, 2015
Title: Abide
Scripture Reference: John 15: 9-11
Speaker: Rev. Steve Hilgeman

      Lessons - Acts 10:44-48, Psalm 98, 1 John 5:1-6

      Gospel - John 15:9-17

      Sermon - Abide


Abiding in Love Promise

  1. I am the Landlord, and you shall not have any other landlords before me.
  2. The house you currently live was constructed by and belongs to the Landlord; the Landlord has moved in to provide a daily reminder of the Landlord’s love for you.
  3. You will be tempted by other landlords, many of whom have been of your own creation, some not. These false landlords will notify you that their properties will bring you wealth, happiness, comfort, prosperity, beauty, popularity, reputation, and/or material goods.  Additionally, the above-mentioned notifications will come to you by mail, through the internet, over the television, or even from a family member or friend.  You are to disregard these notifications for the following reasons:
    1. Because the Landlord says so;
    2. These notifications are called “temptations”;
    3. Temptations may lead you to sinful thoughts, words, or actions because temptations always have Sin as their source; and
    4. Because the Landlord loves you, and Sin does not!
  4. Whether you have responded to another landlord’s notification or during those times when you believe that this house actually belongs to you, the Landlord will remind you in a fashion of the Landlord’s choosing that the house belongs to the Landlord. Be forewarned that the Landlord’s favorite method of warning you that you have displeased the landlord by yielding to the notifications of other landlords or by believing that this house belongs to you is to stoke the Fire in the fireplace, during which time the Landlord’s associate, the Firepower, will bring the Landlord’s Son to speak to your mind, heart, soul, and strength as a reminder to remain in the Landlord’s house.
  5. As such, the Landlord carries all assurances at the cost of the Landlord. You may read them anytime in the Holy House Manual, at which time the Landlord will send the Firepower to connect you to Landlord’s Son who will reveal the True Meaning of the manual, for it was created through the Landlord’s Son.
  6. Finally, under no circumstances – heretofore mentioned or otherwise – will the Landlord abandon the house. This Abiding in Love Promise is permanent not by any of your actions, but because this Abiding in Love Promise is signed in the blood of the Landlord’s Son.  Additionally, the Abiding in Love Promise includes a Life Insurance Policy; in the event of your death, the Landlord has instructed the Landlord’s Son to prepare a room for you in the Landlord’s Mansion; the Firepower will take you there.

Signed in Abiding Love,

The Landlord, the Landlord’s Son, and the Firepower

Effective Date:  The date of your baptism; automatically renewed at your Affirmation of Faith, in Confession, and during Holy Communion as received in faith.  This Abiding in Love Promise has no expiration date.



All games are played at the Brooks Sports Complex off of Concord Road.

Come cheer on Redeemer!

Day Date Time Teams: Visitor at Home Field
Tue 5/12 7:45 Chapel at Redeemer F4
Thu 5/14 7:45 Redeemer at YMCA F1
Tue 5/19 6:30 Redeemer at St. Peter 6 F4
Thu 5/21 6:30 FBCI #2 at Redeemer F1
Tue 5/26 6:30 Redeemer at WIP F4
Thu 5/28 7:45 FBCI #1 at Redeemer F4
Tue 6/02 7:45 Redeemer at St. Peter 3 F1
Thu 6/04 7:45 Redeemer at Chapel F1
Tue 6/09 7:45 YMCA at Redeemer F1
Thu 6/11 7:45 St. Peter 6 at Redeemer F4

Sermon: Prune Me Lord, Prune Me


Date: Sunday, May 3, 2015
Title: Prune Me Lord, Prune Me
Scripture Reference: John 15: 2-5
Speakers: Rev. Steve Hilgeman

      Lessons - Acts 8:26-40, Psalms 22:25-31, 1 John 4:7-21

      Gospel - John 15:1-8

      Sermon - Prune Me Lord, Prune Me

A message from Pastor Steve…

May 2015

We know spring is turning to summer when we hear the call of the umpire standing behind the catcher at home plate. From the professional level in packed stadiums down to T-ball in local parks, baseball is in full swing. Families gather to watch their sons and daughters take a whack at the ball as it comes hurling (or in the case of T-ball, arching) toward the batter. The question for every batter during every pitch is a singular one: “Should I swing at this pitch?”

A few weeks ago I used baseball in one of my sermons to point out that God is the batter and we are the bat. We cannot take credit for the work of God, but we can be thankful that God has chosen us – God’s team – to perform the work of God in the world. As such, as God’s bats we are part of something powerful; we are utilized by God to right the wrongs in the world all the while singing God’s praises and sharing the story of God with others.

But just as the shepherd is also the sheep, for a moment transition from being the bat to the batter. Let me ask you again: “Should I swing at this pitch?” We are approached with opportunities daily to take a swing at Sin with courage and conviction. In God there is to be no hunger, no thirst, no loneliness, no despair, and yet Sin has thrown curve balls at humanity since the first game in the Garden of Eden. We find ourselves tempted to back away in fear, or to look away in apprehension, when what we need to do is to grind our cleats into the dirt, position ourselves appropriately, and swing away.

Be that player; be THAT Christian. With God’s help, stand up to temptation with the full knowledge that it has no power over you because God in the person of Jesus Christ has already won the game! Victory is ours because at a baseball game 2000 years ago one player – one and only one – had the courage to step up to the plate for humanity when no one else could. Out of love, obedience, and respect for this Christ (who, by the way, is already in the Hall of Fame), the Father, and the Holy Spirit, step courageously up to the plate, too, and take a swing.

Do that, and soon you will realize that in Jesus Christ you can never strike out!
To God be the Glory for all God has done,
Pastor Steve