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At Redeemer, we celebrate service, dedication, and commitment to our Redeemer, Jesus Christ. Our congregation is both old and new in its membership and community of varied ages, maintaining the truths of yesterday, meeting the challenges of today, and discerning God’s will for tomorrow.


8:30 am Early Service
9:30 am Adult Learning & Fellowship Hour
10:30 am Late Service

Redeemer has two liturgical Sunday worship services with Holy Communion. The Early Service features modern music, while the Late Service is more traditional.

Children from age five through fourth grade are invited to participate in Children's Church during the Late Service. The children will spend about 20 minutes with experienced adult instructors who will lead them in worship – singing, hearing the Scripture, praying, and talking about what they have learned. The children will be back in time for Holy Communion.

In between services we have a Learning & Fellowship Hour with Sunday school classes for all ages, along with coffee and refreshments to enjoy during fellowship. We hope you'll join us!


In the Book of Genesis, we are assured that God will never again destroy the earth with a flood. The sign of that covenant is the rainbow. For those of us who believe God would never destroy any of God's creation in the first place, what are we to do with this story, and what then of the rainbow? Hey, it's all good! Remember, the Love Luncheon is after Late Worship for our senior members! Also, at Early Worship we shall welcome the Mission Team from Athens, GA! See you tomorrow! Pastor Steve

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Praying for Parkland, Florida.

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